Modern Web Automation with Cypress.Io


  • Jyolsna Jyolsna UTM
  • Syahid Anuar


Software Testing , Test Automation, Web Testing, Automated Testing in Agile,


Over the past few decades, software test automation has seen significant changes. Less manual intervention and great test result accuracy are guaranteed by the automation tools. Web automation has been essential to delivering continuous delivery and guaranteeing excellent quality of the product in each iteration by automating repetitive testing as Agile software development has grown in popularity. Despite the fact that test automation is essential, there are some shortcomings with popular web automation tools, such as wait time problems and erratic test results, a lengthy process for creating tests, difficulties setting up the test environment, problems with page and element load, insufficient test result reporting, a lack of built-in commands for automating tests, the absence of features for image testing, etc. In this case, the development and client organizations, as well as the project team, would benefit more from a solution that is more dependable, quick, and supports development and testing simultaneously. A more solid and powerful web automation tool is required to successfully deliver within an agile CI/CD pipeline and to effectively handle the features of dynamic web applications. An emerging web test automation tool called is becoming more popular among the industry experts. Cypress has been highlighted as a modern web automation tool capable of addressing the new issues posed by today's industry trends. In this project, a test automation framework using is implemented for a work-in-progress application, and the tool's effectiveness is assessed.




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